Our mining activities started in 1970, with detailed researches for geologically and economically valuable perlite ore, in the Aegean Region of Turkey. As a result of these searches carried out in volcanic  terrains of Yuntdağı, Bergama-Kınık  regions, we have located and licensed significant perlite ore reserves. Following detailed studies and works through long ages, we have started our mining activities in those regions holding high quality and rich reserves. Since then we carry out our activities successfully  and will further improve our business for years to come .   
In 1972, the first company of our Group, İzmir Perlit Mining and Construction Co. Ltd., was established  and started its activities to produce perlite ore for the construction industry . 
Thereafter in 1981, Perlisan Mining  and Construction Co. Ltd.  was established to produce perlite ore for the filtration sector . 
Perlitaş İstanbul Perlit Industry & Trade S.A. was founded in 1982 to process the produced raw ore into finished product (crushed / screened perlite ore)  and export it worldwide .
Due to increasing demand for perlite and expanding field of use of the ore, İPM İperlit Mining and Construction Co. Ltd. was established in 1992 with stronger capital structure when  compared to the other Group Companies, to supply perlite ore for various applications. Today, the  company  owns more than 45 large size heavy machinery and equipment; with its large and skilled  engineering team, the company carries on  the  excavation, production and rehabilitation works of the  entire  mining sites of İPM Industrial Mining S.A.  
In 1999, it was decided to make an investment to the existing production facilities and Diperlit Mining Industry and Trade S.A. was established to build a new crushing and screening facility with an annual capacity of 250.000 mt. With its developed processing equipment, multi-frequency screens and air separators, Diperlit (Yayakent Production Facility) has a wide range of products and  today is in a position  to produce  easily high volumes of various products  including micronized particle sized perlite , expanded in electrical  furnaces  which  is a new technology are  rapidly emerging worldwide   for "closed cell perlite" projects, as well as large size particle perlite, mostly preferred by the agriculture and foundry - casting industries.  
In 2003, following the tender of the Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs And Communication, the operating rights of  Dikili port were  assigned  to İPM Industrial Mining S.A.  and its partners, for a period of 30 years. With the investments  made within  the following 3 years, the company enlarged the working areas of the port, built over 30.000 m2 indoor storage facilities and set up a machine park, equipped with top modern loading / unloading equipment and increased the handling services of the port to over 750.000 mt product per year.
In 2012, Perlitaş (Maruflar Production Facility) was fully renewed and modernized with a huge investment. Today, the  annual processing capacity of the facility is  250.000 mt and is operated at 80% capacity. All production procedures are  carried in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Standards.
Since 2014, our company made various warehouse and logistics investments in particular major countries such as Spain, Russia, UK and Germany which enables us to deliver our products to the customers on JIT Door Door Delivery basis.
As of  2018, our companies "Diperlit Mining Industry & Trade S.A." and "Perlitaş İstanbul Perlite Industry and Trade S.A." have merged under the new title of "İPM Industrial Mining S.A".
Today when we look back to the beginning of our activities, with its more than 14 mining facilities, annual production over 400.000 mt, strategic warehousing facilities, port operations, advanced logistic services, professional team, high production quality and environment-friendly approach, İPM Industrial Mining  S.A. is one of the leading companies in  the perlite industry  in Turkey and worldwide.