Shipping Methods

Container Shipments

Our crushed/screened and bagged perlite ore products are delivered in 20’ containers from İzmir - Alsancak Port or Nemport and TCEEGE terminals at Aliağa / Nemrut Bay.

Our crushed and screened products are bagged in 1000-1300 kgs jumbo bags and transported to loading zone of the port on heavy vehicle trucks, with or without pallets, based on the demand of our customers, for stuffing operations. . The trucks are unloaded under supervision of our staff and loaded to the containers and a loading check list is drawn up for each stuffed container. The goods can be secured with special lashing applications, if required by our customers.

Port of İzmir

With its business and export capacity, İzmir port is one of the largest ports in Turkey. In this port  24 docks of  3400 meter long  are available,  handling  general cargo  vessels,  ro-ro, dry-bulk, tanker and container ship.. The dock used for container loading and unloading operations is 1415 meter long. The total area of the port is 902.000 m2 and its draft is 13 meters.
5 gantry cranes of 40 tons each, 19 rubber -tyred transtainers, 20 container forklifts of 25 – 42 mt long 20  and 20 container forklifts of 8-10 mt., 7 shore cranes of 3-25 mt, 12 mobile cranes of 5-25 mt as well as 20 short forklifts  are used for container handling operations.
With its quality service, the port is a frequent place of call for MSC, MSC, HAPAG LLOYD, YANGMING, TARROS, CMA CGM, UASC, COSCO, MAERSK, TURKON Lines which provide regular services and competitive freight rates to destinations all around the world. 

Port of Aliaga

Nemport Terminal 

NEMPORT has 2 piers each of 410 m length and 50 m width, located in the north and south of the docks, where 2 vessels can be berthed at the same time. The terminal has a stowage capacity of 7600 TEU on a concrete area of 100.000 m2 .
2 Gottwald mobile shore cranes of 100 mt each , 1, Gottwald, mobile Crane of 140 mt , 4 Bromma Twin-Lift mobile shore cranes, 4 container  spreader ground cranes, 1 empty container Crane are available in the  terminal  to be used for loading operations. . 
With its  current cargo space  of 250.000 TEU, NEMPORT is a frequent call port for MSC, CMA CGM, CONTAZ, BORCHARD, TURKON  Lines.
TCEEGE is another terminal at Aliağa Port that offers container service. All operations are handled professionally, on a 725 meter long dock with a draft of 17 meters.  Quality service and smooth operations  are provided  with  3 Post-Panamax cranes, 3 mobile cranes, 6 RTGS and 5 Reachstvakers available at this terminal.

Rawmaterial Shipments in bulk

Our company ships bulk raw ore shipments from Dikili Port which is operated by us.

The raw ore is directly loaded on truck at our perlite facilities, without being subjected to any industrial process, transported to the port area and loaded to the hold of the ship with a daily capacity of 3000 – 4000 mt , by using new generation loading equipment such as Sennebogen 875 and 825 Shore Cranes.

Crushed Screened Perlite Shipments

Our crushed /screened perlite ore Products in bulk are shipped from Dikili Port which is operated by our Group.

Our products which are crushed and screened at our production facility, are transported to the port area in jumbo bags , with heavy weight trucks , either as is or humidified after production, depending on the customer’s requirement.

At the port, , the jumbo bags are taken from the vehicles by Sennebogen 875 and 835 shore cranes, carried to the hold of the vessel and emptied into the holds , with a daily capacity of 1500 – 2000 mt.

Packed, Crushed, Screened Perlite Shipments

Our company ships high volume of packed, crushed/ screened perlite ore products from Dikili Port which is operated by our Group.

Our products which are crushed and screened in our production facilities , are filled in 1200-1300 kgs of special big bags, based on the demand of the customer and transported to the port area with heavy weight Vehicles.

Here, the big bags are taken from the vehicles by Sennebogen 875 and 835 shore cranes, carried to the hold of the vessel and stowed professionally as planned, with a daily capacity of 2000 – 3000 mt.

Just In Time Deliveries

Our company offers its customers, packed or bulk, "just in time" deliveries from its storage sites in Germany, Belgium, Spain, UK and Russia.

Our products are shipped from Dikili Port to our warehouses in Russia, UK and Spain directly with dry cargo vessels , or transhipped into barges through Danube and Rhine rivers for our Central Europe storages.

Our products are safely stored in these distribution points, eithern in bulk or as packed, depending on the demand of our customers.

All of our warehouses are equipped with necessary equipment that meets unloading and loading requirements; necessary inspections and logistic arrangements are carried out by our company representatives, present in these region.