25 Feb 2014
Pargem Mineral Mining Industry and Trade S.A.  is a 50% - 50% joint venture company between S&B Holding and the personal investment of Messrs, Bülent İper and  the  Orca Kırker, shareholders of IPM Group. The Pergem investment, established in İzmir to produce crushed / screened perlite ore and export it to CIS countries, has been completed on 1 February 2014.  With a total investment  amount of 4.3 million Euro , Pergem facility, has an annual capacity of 100.000 mt/shift and produces different sizes of perlite ore, mainly for construction and building material applications. 
The raw perlite ore, used in Pergem facility, is supplied by  İzmir Perlit Mining and Industry  Co. Ltd, and affiliate company of IPM Group.