21 Oct 2014
In the beginning of 2014, Diperlit Mining  Industry and Trade  S.A.  ve Ticaret A.Ş. initiated a fully automatic micronized facility investment to meet the rising need  for "closed cell perlite", which is a new technology produced in electrical furnaces. 
The purpose of this investment was to produce micronized perlite for developing breakthrough perlite expansion technologies, as well as high value added, new generation finished products, based on those new technologies. 
Those new technologies  involve  closed cell perlite and other perlite origin micro particles, including  finished e insulating products (panels, boards, bricks and tiles), as well as functional fillers. 
All the abovementioned products have advanced physical, technical and environmental performance characteristics and  are  produced specifically for Construction, Production and Chemical Industries.  
The purpose of these new finished products is to replace  the currently used minerals ( TiO2, Diatomite, Wollastonite ) and polimeric materials ( Polystyrene based products).