02 Jul 2018
Dear customers, suppliers and associates, 
We would like to inform you about an exciting change in the structure of İPM Group companies.        
As of 28.06.2018, our companies “Diperlit Mining Industry and Trade S.A." and "Perlitaş İstanbul Perlite Industry and Trade S.A." have been merged under a new title:
İPM Industrial Mining S.A. 
This merger will add further depth to our continuous improvement oriented quality vision within our production and service processes. We believe that this breakthrough development for IPM Group of Companies, will enable us to carry out all our processes more effectively, together with our esteemed business partners.
There will be no change in the daily operations and workflow and the contact details of our company executives and officials will remain the same. Any agreements, protocols and other similar documents, executed with these two companies before this merger, shall remain in effect. 
Our current title, address and bank details are stated below for your information. You are kindly requested to revise all your records related with our company, accordingly, as of 28.06.2018. 
İPM Industrial Mining S.A.  
Address and Contact Details
Address             : Mistral İş Kulesi – Çınarlı Mahallesi 
Ankara Asfaltı Caddesi No:15/321 Konak-İzmir-Turkey
Tax No        : 728 004 55 99
Tel                  : +90 232 463 1979 (pbx)
Fax                 : +90 232 464 5334
E-mail          : info@ipmindustries.com 
Bank Accounts
Garanti Bank, KordonBranch, İzmir / Turkey 
EUR IBAN        : TR15 0006 2000 8650 0004 0959 28
USD IBAN        : TR42 0006 2000 8650 0004 0959 27
GBP IBAN        : TR73 0006 2000 8650 0009 0908 69
TL IBAN           : TR03 0006 2000 8650 0001 2996 34 
For your further questions, please mail to info@ipmindustries.com
Yours sincerely.  
İPM  Industrial Mining S.A.